I am a self-proclaimed trailblazer who has purposely walked my way towards my dreams since I was a little girl in a remote US town in Iowa. I have a strong passion to lead women through vision, authenticity and courage. 

Thoughts of the future, whether it be a better way, a better team, a better approach, a better strategy, simply fascinates and inspires me. I moved to Australia to allow my dream of global impact come to life. It was courage and vision that determined the move was the right one, which is exactly what I want to develop and inspire in others – do not be afraid to create. 

My success (not without many failures) has been driven by my life mantra – ‘Aim to Believe, Aim to See, Aim to Do’. I recognize you can’t always do this alone, and truly believe everyone deserves to have someone alongside them who not only believes in their vision, but someone who sees it as vividly as they do and helps them achieve it.

This is where “Aimfluence” comes in. A network of Trailblazers who have paved a path and will help provide the map towards your purpose to create your own magic. 

In conversations with friends from back home, or employees on my team, I was surprised by so many who couldn’t see their dreams for themselves unless they saw it first through others. My goal is to share all of the mistakes, resources, connections, you-name-it!, so the once hidden path is now fully visible and easy to navigate. There are so many powerhouse Trailblazers in this world to show you, share with you and support you along the way. Listen to the podcast, or join me 1:1 to believe it, see it for yourself, and let’s make it happen.

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